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Our charred larch is Siberian larch which can be produced to have a smooth or textured finish. After charring it is then washed to remove excess soot and left to dry. This creates textures also known as Shou Sugi Ban from the Japanese tradition.

Charred Timber Durability
Siberian larch is naturally durable and the charring process adds to the overall life expectancy of the wood.
It will last a lot longer than any other treated wood. Some estimates greatly exceed 100 years if the wood is maintained with regular oil refinishing. It is fire, rot, UV and insect resistant.

Types of Charred Timber projects
Our charred larch can be tailor made to suit your purposes to the highest standards.
From large to small interior to exterior we have used charred timber in every sort of installation from small domestic projects right up to multi-million pound corporate and artistic showcase developments.

Where does Charred Timber (Shou Sugi Ban) fit into your project
We can work with architects and simply deliver products to other contractors or can project manage and deliver any scale of charred timber structure in the UK.

Charred Timber Cladding - Shou Sugi Ban

Processing the larch

The Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) is a frost-hardy tree native to western Russia, from close to the Finnish border east to the Yenisei valley in central Siberia, where it hybridises with the Dahurian larch L. gmelinii of eastern Siberia.
It is a medium-size to large deciduous coniferous tree reaching 20-50 m tall, with a trunk up to 1 m diameter.

Aliases – Shou Sugi Ban and Tiga Wood
Charred timber also known as “Tiga Wood” and “Shou-sugi-ban”. The latter from the Japanese tradition.

Alternative charred woods include cedar

What’s in a wood? Why our customers choose Siberian Larch again and again

  • naturally durable

    naturally durable

    Our charring boosts life expectancy
    even further

  • a range of colours

    a range of colours

    Beautiful shades from chocolate through to deep greys & blacks

  • fire resistant

    fire resistant

    Charring hardens and protects the wood at a cellular level

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